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1956 Mercedes-Benz 300C Cabriolet D

Chassis No. 186033 5500353
Engine No. 186921 5500337
Body A186003 5500010
Mileage 70,641

  • 1955-1957, one of 51
  • 2996 CC, SOHC Inline 6-Cylinder Engine
  • Twin Solex Carburetors
  • Three Speed Borg-Warner Transmission
  • Single-Joint Rear Swing Axle, Independent Front Suspension
  • Four-Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes
  • Color: Maroon with Tan Leather interior
  • Includes: Jack, Took Kit, Spare, Tonneau Cover, Car Cover, Extensive Service Records
  • First purchased by prominent socialite, Miss Eleanora Sears

Price: $260,000.00

"Luxurious comfort, high performance and outstanding safety are the characteristic advantages, which have put the 300 in the first international rank within a short time. Wherever it appears, the elegant lines of its body provoke spontaneous admiration." Mercedes-Benz factory advertisement for the American Market, mid 1950s.

In the few short years following World War II, the oldest car manufacture in the world was determined to place itself back on top of the motoring empire. In 1951 Mercedes-Benz released the first Type 300 series after its introduction to the world at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Taking note from the American car manufactures, Mercedes-Benz placed their efforts into technology, equipment and safety, to match the standard of the American market. Wooden and composite parts were now being replaced with stamped steel as well as significant upgrades to suspension, brakes and handling. The classic queues of the quintessential German styling were still to be found in its iconic grill and elegant lines that grace its body. As Mercedes-Benz drove its way through the fifties, engineers and designers in Stuttgart continued to strive for excellence, and their efforts were clearly reflective of that in the 300 series.

By 1955 Mercedes-Benz had developed the 300C Cabriolet D, or commonly referred to as an Adenauers. This was due to its popularity with Germany’s high profile Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer. Handling, performance and design were now staples of the 300 series. A higher output six cylinder engine, now producing 125 horsepower, propels the combination of aesthetics and engineering down the road. With four boosted hydraulic drum brakes, Mercedes-Benz was set on making the 300 series as safe as possible. Inside the cabin you were met with the polished wood dash, chrome pulls and switches and a warm leather interior to make this a true mark of luxury.

Because of the allure and limited production numbers on the 300C Cabriolet D, the alumni of owners look like a Who’s Who of Hollywood and American Socialites. Amongst this elect class included the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Loyd Wright, Maria Callas, Gary Cooper, Yul Brynner and Errol Flynn.

The Mercedes-Benz 300C Cabriolet D we are offering today is no different than the ones mentioned above, representing a historic past. This particular model was purchased in 1956 by the famous Miss Eleanora Sears. Sears was one of the best and most recognized athletes of the early 1900s. Admired for her skills in horseback riding, tennis, squash, boxing, and many other sports, she was viewed as a prominent leader in the female community.

This car has led a pampered life, spending a majority of its time on the North Shore of Massachusetts. A numbers matching car with no rust or metal repairs make this is a truly rare and great driver! A stack of service and restoration records from Paul Russell and Company or its associates show the living history of this car as far back as 1975. Some of these invoices include updates to the interior, extensive engine tune ups and basic service work. The car we are providing today is in excellent driving shape. The interior and exterior have a wonderful patina from the years of pampered use. With a service history of almost 45 years with Paul Russell and Company, we are confident in providing an excellent automobile to the next owner.

We are happy to have the opportunity to offer such a rare and historic piece of Mercedes-Benz history and look forward to providing this car a new home where it can be enjoyed and driven.

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