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1952 Mercedes-Benz 220 Cabriolet B

Mileage 85,425

  • 1952 Mercedes-Benz 220 Cabriolet B
  • Long term owner
  • Paul Russell and Company Restoration
  • Recent Engine rebuild and Mechanical Overhaul
  • All Service work done by Paul Russell and Company since 1985

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“On the road the (Mercedes-Benz 220) performance is transformed and it quickly becomes apparent that, excellent as the Type 170 S was in its class, the 220 is in an altogether different category.” – The Motor, Road Tests of 1952 Cars.

When introduced in 1951, the Mercedes-Benz 220, W187, was a distinct improvement from the sleepy Mercedes-Benz 170 S that proceeded it. Boasting a 2.2 liter, in line six-cylinder engine, the 220 cruised down the Stuttgart-Munich Autobahn at speeds reaching 90 mile per hour, placing it in a completely different class than the 170. While the 220 was derived from the pre-war design of the 170, the post war technology in the 220 surpassed the pre-war styling. With front suspension that resembled that of the Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix cars of the late ‘30s and an independent rear suspension with a swing axle that allowed for a lower center of gravity, Mercedes-Benz used the 220 as a platform for performance in a practical package. The upgraded 2.2 liter engine far surpassed the performance of the docile 1.7 liter that was found in the earlier cars. Entering through two suicide doors into one of the four leather seats, the 220 presents itself in a distinguished manner. Peering through the classic three spoke wheel, the delightful wood grain and leather wrapped dash bring everything together in an elegant fashion.

This 220 Cabriolet B is one of less than 1000 produced. First brought to Paul Russell and Company by its current owner in 1985 for a full restoration, we have seen it annually for service ever since. The color was changed from black to ivory during its complete cosmetic restoration. In the years to follow, a full mechanical restoration would be completed, including engine and drivetrain, suspension and all mechanical components. The car was then sent to the trim shop for a new interior in dark red leather and finished with a blue top. This 220 Cabriolet has seen consistent use through the past 35 years and has the service records that document the meticulous car provided by Paul Russell and Company. Paul Russell and Company fitted a new top in 2016, along with a new set of carpets. Most recently it has seen a full engine rebuild as well as a complete mechanical component overhaul, all done in 2018. This 220 Cabriolet B presents very well in a striking color combination and is ready for a new owner who will enjoy the nostalgia that a Cabriolet of this nature offers.

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